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Possible case to my Ex-Boyfriend who borrowed money to me, we are now separated.

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Arresto Menor
Hi, Good evening.
First of all i'd like to ask respect and understanding, this query might be so complicated because of some circumstances. i hope there will be no bushers in here.

I'd like to ask what possible case i can file to my ex-boyfriend. He have debt to me and these debt was accumulative expenses we agreed to share at times that we were still living together plus money that he borrowed from me to pay his other debt to different persons.

He was legally married during my relationship with him and i admit that i knew this from the very first day but the time that he was courting me he told me that his relationship with his wife were only for his kids and he is only sending money to them as a support and i believe him after seeing some evidence proving his statement so we had a relationship. His family (wife and 2 kids) lives in Pampanga that time. After several months being together we decided to rent an apartment and live together with my 2 other friends. Before we moved in we agree that the 4 of us will be sharing in all household expenses. At first he was able to give his share but eventually he ask me to pay his share for the meantime coz he have to send money to his family in Pampanga, and he promise me that he will just pay me back after then it was repeated in many time but no payment was made by him. Then one day, he ask me if he can borrow some money for him to pay his debt to one of the lender in there school. (By the way my ex-boyfriend is a high school teacher and still rendering his service up to this moment). Going back, i lend me the money to pay his debt then again, it repeats in number of times to different persons. Last year around march, we decided to moved out from the apartment coz my friends was been transferred in other site and gaging our financial state it would be difficult for us to retain the place. So we decided to leave.
He goes back to his old boarding house then i return back to my parents house, then eventually around october, his wife insisted to moved in to his boarding house because she had an argument with her sister where they live before and due to their conflict her sister sent them out from her house so she decided to go to my ex-boyfriend's boarding house together with his 2 kids and despite of knowing that he already have new relationship and they've been separated for quite long she still insisted. From then on my relationship with him becomes complicated tho we continue it for quite sometimes but until his wife started to invade and nagging at me over text and calls, i decided to cut it off. Since we get separated (tho its only my decision coz he doesn't want broke up with me) i frequently asked him for his payment but there were no payment is done despite of all favors I've given to him. I already made an arrangement how he can pay me gradually but this agreement was never been followed. I already ask him to sign and notarized an acknowledgement of debt for me to have an evidence of his debt but still then there were no payment made by him. His wife is now telling me that he/they will not pay me and threatening me that in case that i will file a case against him they will use their advantage because he had his debt during my relationship with her husband and she said that they will use the pictures were i was with his husband as an evidence of my relationship with him.
His total debt to me as of the moment accumulates up to 89,000 pesos. Please give me advice what should i do to recover my money. he changed his mobile number, blocked me in facebook and in all. I dont have any means to reach them and push them to pay me. If in case i will file a case against him is there a possible case that they can counter against me? and what kind of case can i file to my ex-boyfriend? is it possible to remove him from his service?
I am hopeful for responses and advice. Thank you and God Bless

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Reclusion Perpetua
you can file your case with small claims court.

yes the wife can sue you and her husband for your relationship.

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Arresto Menor
remove him?possible. Code of ethics.

Sue you?yes.

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Reclusion Perpetua
You may file a small claims case against him. You may read this, hope it helps you know how you may recover your money.

If the wife will file a criminal case, it would be for concubinage. However, if she will file a concubinage case, the law requires that it should be against both you and her husband. If she still intends to reconcile with her husband, I doubt that she will file concubinage charges.

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