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Current Status : With Accountability because Superior noted I did not report to work.

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Antonio Lopez

Arresto Menor
Good Day Atty.
I would like to ask for your help with regard to my previous company.
I worked in a pharmaceutical company for three years and filed my resignation last june 16. In my resignation letter I indicated effective immediately because of the following reason : (1) I am assigned in the province and I have a co-worker which is a native in the area who happens to bad mouth me with other people in the area. She also tells me that she has connections with the PNP. I have recorded an audio when I already reported to my boss what happened and we found out during that meeting that, that co-worker is having a depression and admitted that she did not mean it. But after a week she continued and my work got affected by it. (2) this co-worker reports wrong information to my superior about me not going to work (but I have witnesses that I am working) because she also wants my boss to get mad at me. And so it happened that my boss was always checking on me which is fine because he is the boss. But later on, I felt that this boss is already taking sides (I thought to myself maybe because that co-woker is a senior in the company and also a native in the area) because of that scenario, the HR approved me 7 days rendering to transfer all the company properties from province to manila (i am from manila) they also allowed me bot to work there anymore because of the scenario. I have submitted all the company properties ob the third day and confident that I do not have any liabilities.
Every week, the HR will send updates on the status of my clearance and then 3 weeks after my resignation, they emailed me that my superior tagged me with accountability that I did not report for work from june 16 (date of my resignation) to june 22 (my last day of resignation)
I immediately emailed my previous boss informing him what transpired in those dates.
June - 16 filed my resignation
19- manila to province
20- meet with the boss because I gave him all the company properties
21- waited for the truck (which they provided) for my things but it did not come on the 21st. Instead it came june 24. Sad
22- travel to manila and went to office. i even talked to this boss and he did not mention anything about this. I have resend my email 3 times already. Also sent it to a higher boss, now my problem is, they are not replying. I called HR and explained everything but they said only the superior can do the changes. ;( what can I do to solve this problem?? Thank you in advance atty.

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Reclusion Perpetua
The best thing that you can do is do the turn over properly with proper documentation done. It would help to submit email reports to your boss, HR and higher authority to put in record your turn over.

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Antonio Lopez

Arresto Menor
Yes Sir I have emailed them all the necessary documentation as proof of my attendance during those dates where they tagged me as uncleared. Included in my emails are our text conversations with my previous boss, in which he replies that he knows what transpored during those specific dates. May I just ask attorney what are the other possible way to get their attention because obviously they are dissing my emails? Sad Would it help if I ask a help from a lawyer providing me a letter? Thank you.

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