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"clearance" and more! please, i really need your help

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Arresto Menor
Good day ma'am/sir,
i was a medical representative for this pharma company. i have lots of problem with this company since i have resigned.
this incident started last august 2010,my supervisor came to my area and i was forced to resign last august by my supervisor because he said that the company will press charges against me, so i did wrote a resignation letter(the date of my resignation was September 17 2010).6 hours after i gave him my resignation letter,he called his superior/regional sales manager and said, the problem was solved. note; i wrote the letter because i was scared that i will be filed by charges by the company BUT i dont know the charges that they will press againts me.
it has been 6 months that i am calling them and going to the company(from baguio to manila or vigan to manila) to follow up my clearance but still i am not getting any positive results.
there are 2 instances that there are COMPANIES would wants to hire me but because of my clearance they would not accept me. i even beg my company to issue a letter (stating that the clearance will follow in 1 month) for how many times but they refuse to issue, they said its a company policy that they are not issuing such kind of letter.
last week, 2/18/11 there was an audit report on the SALES department that i am liable to pay a amount of 11k.(note: this was only made 2/16/11) this is because there were 2 invoices that are not collected during my time but. the first one was an invoice issued by the previous medrep that i took over. i gave it to my supervisor because the account/drugstore was close. but lately he denied that he received the invoice. the other invoice was charged to me because they cannot collect from a top doctor that was a loyal to them, they dont want that they will be destroyed from the doctor so as a solution,they charge the amount to me.
i also got an ACCOUNTING department draft report that i am liable paying amount of 100k+ because of the stocks that are missing. But there were stocks that are over/excess. they said that the excess stocks will not be deducted on the missing stocks. i did not get the stocks, the reason for it is because they are not updated in the inventory count thats why they have difficulty in auditing me in my inventory.
The bottom line here is i did not get the majority of the stocks (just minimal for my mothers medication). but charging me with this huge amount that i did not still is really unfair.

Ma'am/ sir, there are my questions
1. can i sue them for illegal termination? i just knew this lately when i went to dole nlrc. what are my chances?
2. i also still dont get my 13 month pay, salary, allowances and my commissions can i sue them for that?
3. how can i say to the company that the excess stocks will be deducted to the missing stocks? do i need attorney for this if i write the letter to them?
4. can i press charges against them like damages, because i am unemployed for 6 months because they did not gave me the clearance or even write a letter? until now i cannot have a job because of my clearance and the processing is too slow.
sometimes because of desperation i really want to end my life but im still looking forward that someone will offer me a helping hand.

ps. sorry for the gramar... God bless and please help me. tnx.

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yes, you may sue for illegal termination and last pay and damages.

if the missing stock is the same kind of item as the excess then that is possible, but if they are different products, then not.

don't end your life over a problem like this. keep trying to look for a job. there are a few that don't require one, even a bad job, if only to get a clearance from the new company.

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