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Redundancy if in Bench Status

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1 Redundancy if in Bench Status on Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:39 am


Arresto Menor
Hi All,

My name is Mark. I am having a problem with my current employer and my manager. But first I would like you to know my current status.

Please bear with my English writing,, for I am not very good on it. Thanks!

Me and my wife is expecting our first baby on November 2017 which is this year. We know that having a baby is difficult if you have no stable income. We also have bills to pay specially credit cards which we have used previously and we don't like to be on a moment were we can't afford to pay the credit card bill because it is a financial risk. We also have a on going HDMF Housing loan.

My wife's pregnancy is risky, the same reason why I go on emergency leave once a month ( I have an EL entitlement but its earned every month)

Our only income source is my wage from my current job. I am working for a HR consulting firm from april 2016. My position is an IT consultant.

My problem began when my manager called me via phone, she told me that I have a problem on my EL because I exhausted all of my emergency leaves (I only have 1 unpaid EL on that time). She told me that it is already an issue because she can forsee that I will render  more EL on the future because of my wife's status. I can understand why she told me that, but my point is "who can tell if I'm going to have more EL in the future" because I also did not know what will happen in the future.

The next one is that she told me that one of our team member who is on bench status (lets call him boy, I feel that he is her favorite employee) for a long time will be considered as redundancy employee due to his status (he was not assigned to any project for a long time).

Sadly my Manager told me that she will switch me and boy because she does not want boy to be considered as redundant employee. She was pointing out that I will have more EL in the future and boy will be a redundant employee, so for her the solution is to switch our status.

My problem is that, this is my first week on bench because of my manager's decision. I fear that I will be considered as redundant employee because there is no project available for me.

I strongly feel that this is unfair for me.

My Questions are:

1. Could I be considered as redundant employee or Am I subject to termination or separation already?
2. Is there a minimum months of stay on bench(No project but I am still being paid) before they can kick me out?
3. If they kick me out am I entitled to any payment? Can I negotiate with them regarding the separation pay if there is any?
4. Can I go to any law office and file a complaint about my manager?

I really do my best on my job, I completed many client requested tasks as compared to my colleagues and the client always commended and praise me for all the work that I do for them.
I love my job and I'm planing to stay with the company until I retire.
I really feel that what was happening right now is unfair to me. It's just like termination is my reward for all the hard work that I gave to the client, the company and to the team.

Thank you for reading my written inquiry. I hope that I have conveyed what I am feeling right now and what was happening to me.

Best Regards and God Bless to All!
-- Marko

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2 Re: Redundancy if in Bench Status on Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:08 am


Reclusion Perpetua
why would you file for a complaint? you are still getting paid..

are you still coming to work even in bench status?

If they will make you redundant, then they will have to pay you 1 month salary x years of service.

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