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Unjust Vexation Case for teacher Pls Help!

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1 Unjust Vexation Case for teacher Pls Help! on Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:06 pm


Arresto Menor
Good p.m. I hope to receive your response the soonest possible Time. I’m a teacher in a private School. One parent complained against that I stared at her badly and Banged the Door of the classroom where she was in. Thus, she filed a case of unjust vexation against me.

My side of the story is of course I did Not banged the door nor stared at her. It was even captured by the CCTV footage of our School and the teacher insiden of the classroom where the incident happened already testified through an affidavit that There’s no banging of the door that happened. However, a janitor said otherwise and according to him he heard me banging the door whereas the CCTV footage is contradictory to what he said. I also doubt the credibility of the janitor since he is a close Friend of the husband of the complainant. The husband happens to be my fellow teacher.

I already submitted My counter affidavit and rejoinder to the prosec. At First we tried to ask for a fair Settlement however we Find her conditions Not fair. She is asking US to pay 25k to compensate her expenses for her lawyer and me apologizing in Front of the whole faculty. Of course I did Not buy such conditions because doing so will make me look guilty of the things she accused me of.

We started the hearing last September, submitted the rejoinder During the First week of october but Until
Now there’s still no notice of the prosec resolution.

So, here are My inquiries:
1.) based from what I have described above do you think the case has a merit?
2.) when do you think will I be able to receive the prosec’s decision?
3.) do you think this will reflect on My NBI clearance already? What can I do?
4.) does it have any implications to my hard earned license as a teacher?

I really hope that you can enlighten me about this matter So I Can lessen my worries and concentrate with My teaching duties.

I hope for your immediate response regarding this matter.

Thank you very much and God bless!

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Arresto Menor
Anyone pls reply to my post?

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Arresto Menor
Hi thisissir, sorry to bother you ...I just joined. May I know what happened now to your case? Did her accusations push through?

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