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Medical Malpractice / Family Abuse

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1 Medical Malpractice / Family Abuse on Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:44 am


Arresto Menor
Good morning. I am here to ask for advice regarding medical malpractice. 4 years ago, I was committed to a mental hospital, for reasons not entirely my fault. I was released a month later.

I already have had a stable a job for more than 3 years, where there was no relapse. However, the psychiatrist insists on continuing the medication (ongoing now more than 4 and-a-half years).

The main reason I was acting strange during that time is because I am very incompatible with my family background.

For example, I never learned _anything_ from my father, and I never liked anything my mother cooked. Well, to be pedantic, there was 1 viand she cooked that I liked, but she stopped cooking it when I said I liked it. That was when I was still in Grade School (I am 39 years old now).

When I was young, my father called me "palamunin", and verbally abused me repeatedly. My mother verbally abuse me, too. They intentionally ran the car over my cat, almost killing it, forced me to eat food that would later make me want to vomit, withdrew biogesic when I had a headache, etc. They would say in front of me and my pets "I wish you (the pet) would just go away and die". At one time, my father hit me.

I never really felt how it is to have a family. I have no happy memories with them, not even one.

The simple fact is I am totally incompatible with them. I wish I was
raised by  someone else. Me and them have totally _no_  compatibility. If I could, I would just get my inheritance, and surely I would be much more productive.

I have always suspected that I was adopted (I have different skin color, hair type, IQ>130, etc) , however, I don't ask my "parents" regarding this because they have proven time and again that they
are not very trustworthy to me.

I was a full DOST Scholar in UP Diliman, I passed the Advanced Placement Examination in Math 11 and Math 14 (less than 100 examinees pass these every year).

It seems everything has gone to waste because of this toxic family background.

Anyway, back to the original question. Is there a limit on forcing me to take these meds (which doesn't solve the real problem anyway), or is there none? How come some are stopped withing 1-2 years of taking them?

I need legal advice, please help, and thank you.

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2 Re: Medical Malpractice / Family Abuse on Sun Nov 26, 2017 2:24 pm


Reclusion Perpetua
IMHO there is no medical malpractice here. Did you inform your doctor on your regular check up that the meds are not helping you?

Regarding your family issues, IMHO since your 39, you can just move out and never speak with them again.

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