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My Mother Give Me Problem

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1 My Mother Give Me Problem on Thu Dec 21, 2017 12:57 pm


Arresto Menor
Dear All,

I having difficulties now with my own Mother.. to cut the story short my mother hate my wife.. so now my wife and kids were kick out from my mother house.. we have a small shop in front of the house my mother ask us to stay there... the shop was built by me and of course verbally agreed by my mother when she was still ok with us last time.. Now I wanted to do some renovation at the shop like expand for kitchen and so on so that my wife/family can have little bit of convenience for cooking, bathroom and etc... My biggest concern is that my mother have become so evil that will even kick us out from her land... Can she do that even I have spent money for the house/shop.. in fact even the house that she kick my family out also I have contribute to the repairs and make goods of things also. I even shoulder foods, electricity, repairs and etc for my mother and her house, but all that was already ignore by her. I am worry because my mother is waiting for us to renovate the shop because she and her KABIT is planning to take over and make some business over there.. so now I already start applying for the electricity to the shop/house where my wife and children staying.. Its just actually next to my mother house.. My biggest concern that she will kick us out after the renovation done.. Can she do that and what rights do I have in this situation, Can I asked for reimbursement if she really wants to kick us out from her land.... I am very stress because of my own mother, I never thought that I can get this problem from my own mother. Seeking your good counsel for my problem.. Thank you very much for your time and counsels. Thank you.

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2 Re: My Mother Give Me Problem on Thu Dec 21, 2017 1:06 pm


Reclusion Perpetua
yes she can do that but you can demand for the expenses you have paid for the shop and renovations. however, if she will not pay, you will have to file a case in court which will cost you money. what I would advise is just settle with your mother and ask her to pay what you have spent then leave her home.

Also, this house, was this a conjugal property between your mother and father? if yes, then legally you also have claim to this house.

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3 Re: My Mother Give Me Problem on Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:01 pm


Arresto Menor
The house was originally build by my parents (My father money...of course they are married ... ) but the land that we are staying now was inherited by mother from her parent also.

Can she forced my family to move out from the land even if she don't want to pay.. lets say she call the police or the barangays? Can she do that? I mean is it allowed by laws? To be frank I don't want to give my mother a problem but due to economical/financial reasons I wanted my family to stay for as long as we can for us to save some money to move out voluntarily but it will take time.

I have read some article that there is such laws as COMPULSORY HEIR in the Philippines? Any comments on that?

For your information I am now working abroad, and this issues have really greatly affected me and my work.

Thanks very much for the counsel.

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