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Broken Up with Kid

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1 Broken Up with Kid on Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:39 pm


Arresto Menor
- Bf/gf for a few months, got pregnant, never married but both tried to work it out for a little over 2 years.
- Both are living in bf's parents' house. Both have min wage jobs.
- Bf family is a little above middle class.
- Gf's parents are separated (never married) and majority of her family is in the province and gf is breadwinner.
- Bf found out gf is cheating and gf admitted to it. They break up.
- (Now) Ex-Gf moves out of Bf's family home to a bedspace.
- Child is left with father (Bf) since his family can provide all necessities and more (shelter, food, transportation, future studies through insurance, recreation, house help, etc.)
- They are civil and bf allows ex-gf to visit the house everyday despite continuous relationship with of the ex-gf with the third party.
- Ex-gf barely provides milk, diapers, etc. Brings snacks to the house where the kid is.
- Ex-gf spends time with child but not big financial-wise. Ex-gf is warned to no longer stay in the bedroom of the Bf when with the child but she doesn't respect house rules. Bf wishes she would stay in the common areas of the house.
- Ex-gf is welcomed in the house, even eats lunch and dinner, and sleeps during the afternoon. She also lost her job twice after separating.
- Bf is chill and would rather spend his income on the kid as seen by the fact that he always brings the kid to the mall, park, etc.
- Ex-gf's mom is demanding child AND wife support. Based on the situation, child support is provided. But wife? Never married?
- Bf visits ex-gf's mom in the province every 2 weeks with the ex-gf and nanny.
- Last Xmas, ex-gf's' mom demanded bf to provide money to ex-gf and her family despite the fact that the child is fully supported.
- For the last 2 years that they were together, they visited ex-gf's mother frequently with the nanny in tow.
- All 3 nannies complained about the same thing in the ex-gf's family - hug the child and not mind the child after a few hours.
- Latest nanny shared the money issues recently as it was (apparently) loudly discussed in the ex-gf's mother's home.
- First nanny reported the then-gf sneaked in grocery items from bf's parents house to her mother's house.
- Second nanny complained about how jampacked the ex-gf's mother's house is. Too hot, tiny, loads of people, etc.

What we know:
- Until age 7, child is basically under mother's rights.
- Bf's family is well-off. Everyone has corporate jobs and insurances and portfolios.
- Gf's family, only her father who no longer really has anything to do with her is financially capable of providing some help. Gf's father has another family of his own to support. Gf's mother has no job, and constantly asks for the gf to send money to the point where gf even asks bf to give her money for her mother (before the break up.) Gf has a half-brother to support.

What we dont know:
- Is it right that the ex-gf's mother is demanding for wife support and even "in-law" support from the Bf when they were never married?
- Is there a strong chance of the Bf getting custody upon age 7 (should the child choose him) or will DSWD do assessments?

Any insights?


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2 Re: Broken Up with Kid on Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:03 pm


Reclusion Perpetua
the guy has not responsibility to the exgf specially the "inlaw" if they are not married. he only needs to support his child.

No. sole custody lies with the mother of the illegitimate child regardless of age.

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3 Re: Broken Up with Kid on Sat Jan 06, 2018 2:57 pm


Reclusion Perpetua
You have no right to demand support from a person to whom you are NOT related by affinity or by blood. That is absurd.

Regardless of age, the child is illegitimate. The mother of the illegitimate child has SOLE parental authority. The father only has visitation rights.

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