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Annulment Advise needed

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1 Annulment Advise needed on Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:46 pm


Arresto Menor
Dear Atty.
Need your advise on this.
I was married 10 years ago last 2008. And then left our house on June 2009.
Our married started when I was being invited by her together with my family to attend family celebration, her mother's birthday.
Without knowledged, that she arranged her family and let her family talked to my parents to let us proceed with the marriage as we are already old enough and thinking that their daughter was pregnant.
I have talked to my gf that time, that we need more time to think considering that I was working and assigned from a different place.
She said that she was getting pregnant and our wedding happens but was realized that she was not pregnant after the day of our wedding.
The day after the wedding, I proceed to work where I was assigned far away from her and just have to go home every 3 months.
Then later by Feb 2009 have decided to transfer to be near her but unfortunately her attitudes have changed and even don't have respect to my parents.
At first when being separated, she is not finding any way to find me coz she knows that I was just sleeping in my parent's house. And also she have with my atm in position.
Later, she was able to noticed that even she had my atm I can still withdraw online. And that's the time she was able to withdrawn all my salary and nothing has left for me.
Then, I closed my atm and declared it as lost and when she noticed that it was blocked, she gave it back to me and said that I should have provide support to her as my legal wife even do we don't have kids.
Fast forward, she is now always reminding me for the annulment as she is always waiting on it and I am also looking after on it.
It is now almost 9 years of being separated from her and I want to close to this married life and to start a new life.
My questions Atty. are:
1. How will I start with the annulment?
2. How will I proved that I was being cheated by telling a lie that she was pregnant during that time. Did not confronted her since the wedding happened already.
3. It was May 2008 that she invited us for family celebration and our wedding happened on Oct. 2008. It should be June or July 2008 but I requested to have more time.
4. She was the one arranging the marriage requirements and I have to do is to file a leave for a seminar schedules.
5. What grounds can I file for the annulment.
6. Is it true that I am obliged to provide her a financial support even we don't have kids and she is also working?
7. She told me that without her assistance I couldn't finished my college wherein fact I was working too while studying.
8. I have spent building a house and is in there place. Do I have the authority on it.
9. How much is the approximate expenses for the annulment case?

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2 Re: Annulment Advise needed on Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:46 pm


Your first step would be to retain a lawyer so a full assessment can be made, but based on your narrative, psychological incapacity seems like your best way forward unless your lawyer can find any other basis. Cost will depend on the lawyer you retain, but it will range from 100-300k.

Everything both of you own is co-owned by each other

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3 Re: Annulment Advise needed on Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:13 pm


Arresto Menor
Thank you AttyLLL.

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