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Landlord/owner not issuing a bir registered receipt

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Arresto Menor
Hi. Heres my concern. I am currently leasing an apartment and i have decided to claim ny right as tenant and as consumer. However the landlord refused my request and informed me that they were not registered with bir and therefore cant comply with my request. They have a hardware and i was willing to accept a receipt from it as long as it is registered on bir. Yet they really wont issue valid official receipt. I was told to just vacate the premises if we really want to get a bir registered receipt since they cant issue it to us and that they will terminate the 1year tenure of the contract and allow us to use the one month advance and return the security deposit once i got my clearance from the utility bills. I was even informed that they will not and never register the 6 door apartment since the amount being leased is below 10k pesos and that she never got her return of investment, in addition to that she even mentioned that registering the apartment would mean an increase on the amount being paid by tenants which in turn would be bad for me and the other tenants as well. Another thing, i was told to buy a receipt on national bookstore if i needed a receipt that badly. They even told me they never had a tenant like me who requested to have a bir registered receipt and that they had previous clients who worked on goverments and had big names and never did those people require them for an Official receipt.. ive read my rights as a tenant and as consumer who availed services must be issued a receipt that amounts 25pesos and up and i think there are not enough laws on protecting tenants. The rent control act of 2009 R.A 9653 seems to protect the landlord more than the tenant. I filed a report to BIR for non issuance of receipt and for not registering there business. I spoke with an officer on BIR and was told that the landlord will know that i filed a complaint. Now i am worried for repercussions. I am planning on vacating the premises and settle my bills and have the entire place cleared for damages so i can claim my security deposit. Right now i am unsure of what to do next since i feel like i am being forced to leave the property for requesting a receipt they cant provide for the previous two months and the months to come. Any advice on what to do especially since i filed report on bir. I feel like doing the right thing to claim my right will greatly affect the deal with getting my security deposit and the receipt i need if ever i decide to leave. I am thinking of withdrawing the complaint i made on bir since my partner wants to stay on this apartment while working on some matters as well.
enlighten me more on the issue of landlords not registered and not issuing receipts and my rights please. Thank you

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If you really don't want to leave, you have the right to stay due to your lease. Offer payment in writing to show you tendered payment and consider giving the payment even if only an acknowledgement receipt is given then you can still pursue your complaint at the BIR. If the entire hassle is not worth it because you want to stay, then it may be better to trade the receipt issue just to buy peace

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3 Loopholes on tenants contract advice on Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:33 am


Arresto Menor
Thanks for the reply AttyLLL. I appreciate it. I thought it all over the weekend and realized that the landlord has nothing against me since we have a contract valid for a year. And they cannot forcefully make us vacate property because we did not violate any rules. We have not caused any damage to the property and we paid our dues and rental fees earlier than the due date. However i just remembered that the owner had some issues with some tenant and started to lock up their house if they leave their premises. I wondered if they will do the same thing to me since I filed a report on BIR. I really do want to claim the receipt and finsih the contract for the time being while we look for a suitable place and attend to other matters that we need to. Any tips or ideas that the landlord might look for just to terminate the contract? Like loopholes just to get back on me for filing a report and claiming my right for getting an official receipt so they can rightfully claim the security deposit? Thanks again in advance.

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