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evaluation end of contract

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1 evaluation end of contract on Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:16 pm


Arresto Menor
I resigned from my previous job last August 31, 2017. I have worked with them for almost 11 years but mid of last year  I decided to look for another job. I was hired last September 5, 2017 after having had my 30-day turnover period. I agreed on a Probationary Contract for 6 months even if I was hired as a Manager. When you say a 'Manager' we know for sure what's to be your duties and responsibilities but there was no list of duties presented even on my first day. I had only a day of orientation with a staff who will turnover the reports to me and after that there was none. Take note also that I have gone through process during my work application from various tests and interviews. I hope they made a character check also to have a thorough evaluation of my papers. There were a lot of us but with my qualifications and experiences and luck maybe I was chosen. I started September 5 and on my first day my immediate head (niece of the President, late 20s) just gave me documents to prioritize and they are accounts they can't collect since 2013, please take note of this also. No more other trainings or actual orientation as to what should I do. Despite having a hard time with the reports because the system is so new to me and other components of the reports were also new. The only one that knew about the report left the country already. All I did was to be self reliant from then on. I tried google for the basic know-how and learn from one of the employees from time to time who knows how to use the pivot table and vlookup. Take note again that all the reports require the same process and I have a weekly, semi monthly and monthly reports. Wifi, internet, computer are too slow and it takes one whole day sometimes for a report to be done. With all those reports that I need to handle plus the reconciliation of those overdue accounts plus doing the bank reconciliation and handling provincial accounts who need a weekly monitoring by posting their collection, preparation of Counter Receipts and Counter DR, communications with the salespeople out of town, etc. To make this short I was doing load of paper works that doesn't justify my duties as a Manager. then came December 5 to be exact and there was this error in one of the reports wherein one of the references always came from my immediate superior (the niece) because I don't have an access to that data from the  system (there are more areas in the system that are not accessible). I found out that there are errors to the data that made my report not reliable at all. Thinking that since the data came from a very reliable source and it has been of use since ages and I am not even aware of any client information, it was used with confidence but she made a sit down with me as I said last December 5 and asking me about how the reports were being done, still connected with the errors found on on of the reports.  That was my 3rd month to be exact. Asked about how do I do this and that. I answered of course and the development of my know-how of processing The reports are very complicated using the csv format and since there are vlookups and the like for each sheet, they became more complicated, easy as they look but it took time to finish downloading and capturing each data and they know that I don't have any experience with crv, vlookup and pivot table at all. The immediate superior got pissed off by saying I only copy and paste and did not understand the report at all. I begin telling her that some of the data she e-mailed had errors that made the report not reliable at all. She asked when did I email it? I told her the date and she checked. I pinpointed the errors and she just remained silent about it and that was when everything else started. The copy and paste, common sense and too slow. Those rude words at my age of 52, they were all my first. After that I received an evaluation with a general average of 2! That was not even passed the minimum with 5 being the highest. My God that was a first too. Even in school I did not received such poor grading. Then following that before the holiday I received a notification that they are ending my contract until January 31, 2018.

Just imagine that I have resigned from my previous job for almost 11 years just to be treated as such. In just 3 months time I don't have a job anymore. I am a single mother and I have a 14 year old daughter who is in Grade 8 in a private school and I am paying a house rent every month.

Kindly tell me what I should do next and if I have the right to make demands or take a legal action about this. Right now I am replying to the evaluation.


reggie82465 Sad

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2 Re: evaluation end of contract on Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:18 pm


The legal remedy to question the termination will be to file a complaint at NLRC. You should put together your evidence that you did a good job even if there was no training. Try starting to look for a new job also asap

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3 Re: evaluation end of contract on Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:46 am


Reclusion Perpetua
Managers are usually hired base on trust. They "trusted" you to do something that they don't know or they can't do. If they hired you based on what they don't know, they will expect you to tell them what to do. Also, if you are already in a managerial role, it is expected that you already know your trade thus there is no need for training. don't expect it will be given to you.

Anyway, if you want to file a case, just follow what AttyLLL advice. My advice, look for another job asap and learn excel thru youtube videos. its one of the best tools a manager must have.

good luck

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