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Promised Employment

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1 Promised Employment on Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:21 pm


Arresto Menor
Hi Guys!
Any ideas and assistance would be greatly appreciated. I was employed with company A when I looked for a job. So I went and applied after i have decided to live with my girlfriend who had a 3 year old child (not from me). Seeing that my current salary wasn't enough to cover my living expenses I thought it was a good idea so I decided not to resign with company A just so I still have a job just in case things go south with my job hunting pursuits. So with this in mind off I went job hunting until I got a referral from a headhunter to apply to company B. So off they took me to company B's hub recruitment office and it took me until 1:30AM to finish the their job hiring process so I ended up with a requirements list from them as a proof of passing but the catch is I won't get a job offer unless I complete my requirements.

So i went and completed almost all the requirements
except for the resignation letter on my current employer which I have told company B that I am still affiliated with company A. So I requested if they could offer me first the Job Offer before I resign since I can provide them my "formal acceptance of resignation letter" within the day as I will be resigning immediately with company A as soon as i have a Job offer.

But they insisted that I can only get the Job offer after I present them the resignation letter so they said go get the resignation letter then get back here tomorrow at 1:00PM we'll give you the job offer so you can start working here at February 1, 2018. I was hesitant at first since I know my salary for the 30th of January will be on hold and be given as back-pay after 60-days but I didn't have any choice since they gave me an assurance that I would get the job offer. So I told them I can give them the resignation letter within the day but the HR representative of Company B instructed to just go by 1:00PM tomorrow and so I did.

Same day I issued an immediate resignation with company A in which they have provided me a formal letter of acceptance of resignation on January 18, 2018. So the next day I went to Company B at the specified time and it took them ages before someone appeared and formally announced that the slots are full and they are apologizing that they cannot endorse as any furthur for the account and the ONLY resolution they gave us is that they will re-profile us with the other accounts they have so I went and told them they assured us of the Job and now they are taking it back...

I stated the implication on what they have done assuring me of the Job after i have resigned. I have invested time, money and effort in completing what they asked and now they give us just an apology and just a promise that if their client have given them a "go signal" that they will be needing a new batch on the account they will be making us their top priority on the list for employment.

That's not the issue here:
- How long are we to wait for that job?
- I do not have any money and resources to provide for my family now that I have moved in with a baby.
- My salary from my previous employer is already on hold and I am definitely not getting it at the end of January.
- So much pressure and damages have been done and that's all they can give.
-they gave an assurance and it's not just me there were a lot of us who took the sacrifice to get where we are at that moment.

Up until now they have given no assistance with the damages they have given me and my family's life. We were mentally pressured and financially troubled. I have a text message which I received from them apologizing about their mistake and also messages from their partnered  headhunter for recruitment on my messenger following it up with company B's executives and also the list of requirements with their HR signatures and also a business card from their company senior executive talent acquisition (who offered assistance but didn't even tried to check on us with how we were doing) they have sent not one single message after their apology message not a single one.  

I want them compensate us for their damages.
any tips on how can I do this?

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2 Re: Promised Employment on Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:42 pm


Reclusion Perpetua
your only choice is to sue in civil court but i dont think your chances are any good. bring all the docs you have and consult a lawyer.

next time you need to understand when transfering to a new emoloyer, its always a big risk that things wont pan out. kahit na “assured” ka na ng hr which they tend to do, walang guarantees unless they do give you a guarantee in writing.
also a job offer is not a contract so they may withdraw that anytime they wish and it is not binding. (not applicable in your case but it happens with new applicants alot)

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3 Re: Promised Employment on Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:51 pm


your remedy is to file a case for damages in civil court if you can prove your allegations. ask your old employer if they can take you back or start applying for other jobs.

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