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foreign and surname change situation

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1 foreign and surname change situation on Sat Mar 17, 2018 7:07 pm


Arresto Menor
Hello, I just found this site and I am just posting without checking to see if this problem has been posted before... I am sorry if it has been and I am very grateful for any advice that can come from here. I will try to include all the important information as needed.

I am a foreign man (Canadian) living and working in Tokyo, for the past 12 years at a college. I have held a job since working age, no criminal record...just a regular Joe.

July 2016, I traveled to Manila, met a girl, fell in love with said girl...and within 2 months she was pregnant. She has no job now...or since I met her (bar job, not something you can put on a resume), and for the past 20 months I have been giving her an average of 30,000 Piso... and supporting her son and lola... I go there about every 2-3 months (she lives in Tondo) and spend more money there. I have never hit her, been violent, nothing...

we have some arguments though, and she really gets violent...she has beat me( i am big so no big problem) has beat her son in anger, and said some really nasty things... I asked her to think about getting a part time job so it can give her some feeling of not being useless( her words) and getting a job she can get out of the house, meet some people and feel good about doing something....

well it seems that  I asked her the wrong question and she went into one of her crazy which I have ashed my hands of her... I cant keep doing things...the threats, the anger...every 3-5 days the same.

Now, we have a baby, a beautiful baby girl with my last name.. I have no intention of stopping my support to my daughter... I am not perfect, but I would never leave my baby to be in poverty.... My ex has blocked me, stopped giving me photos..and she has told me that she will change our daughters last name...remove my name and only keep hers...

1) is this possible that my ex GF (not wife) can remove my family name from the official b.cert that I signed personally and it has been sent to city hall and it is finished?

2) How can I make sure she does not change my daughter's name without my permission?

3) If she manages to change it, without my permission...what can I do ??

I really do not want to give up my daughter.. I want my daughter to have my last name and to have a better future than what her mother is able to give without me....

any advice besides none???

A broken empty father...

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2 Re: foreign and surname change situation on Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:10 pm


are you interested in visitation rights? you can be proactive and have a lawyer petition the family court to allow you regular visits. as for if she files a petition, there have to be some actions to establish that she knows your contact address so it should be included in her petition, if she indeed files one.

in the meantime, make sure you are retaining proof of sending support.

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