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How to file a case and what is the right process para makuha ung tamang sustento ng anak ko

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Arresto Menor
I needed advise po on what will be the best I can do on filing a case against my husband.

2016 before he transfer to arvato He
admitted nakikipagfling sya and
tinanggalan nya ako ng access sa phone,
facebook, email even sa access sa payslip
nya, halos magunaw mundo ko and the pain
that cause me led to depression and while
I am working at home everynight, I am not
healthy physically nakadagdag po sa reason why
I got depressed.

January 15 2017 we flew going to davao,
me and my son because he called and says
he is having trouble of loneliness,
when we are there he
did not fetch us and he thought we will
not come, I choose to travel because weve
been strugling with our relationship and
I don't want to have any regrets that I
did not do anything to save my son's
family, He says " Do you still love me
even I am addicted to sex already"? I
said yes for the sake of my son I will
forget myself, He make love to me for
that 1 week stay in Davao with full of
lust and he even wanted to do it inside
my anus and said that its not safe and
refuse. When we flew back to pampanga he
again hurt me, in front of me he is
staring a women with a sexy dress with
full of lust when we got to ride a bus I
cried a lot because of the pain that I
did my best to try to fill in the
loneliness he is experiencing and flew to
davao and this is what he did, harap
harapan binastos nya ako, kasama nya
asawa nya pero hinuhubaran nya ng tingin
ung babae na nasa harap namin dahil sexy
and damit, nagsorry sya at ang sagot nya
iniimagine nya na ako un? Pain that cause
this is not quite easy to forget, I can
forgive but its not easy to bring back
the trust

Feb, March and April - Both are trying
to cope up and mend the pain that caused
of his actions

July 24 2017 - He go back to pampanga and
assigned in QC and I got infection from
him and my OB Ms. Mylene Umipig
intstructed that both of us need to take

August 2017 - My son was still with Happy
Headstart school, I caught his
conversation on his phone that he has
someone texting and seems they have an
affair or relationship and he ask sorry
but tried to denied

September 18 and 19 2017

Messages from FB from unknown source that
they saw him at Dau Mabalacat twice with
his co-worker and they taught that they
were just close but it seems not, I
pretended that me and him are no longer
together to get some information and I
forwarded it to him, the fact that there
are messages from someone claiming that
they have an affair brought pain to me
and depression, I still choose to forgive
him because of my son

Latter part of September

He ask favor for us to transfer to qc and
he will make up at bumawi saakin and to my son and the
issues from girls or any affairs will
stop but its clear to him that I still
did not build my trust to him because its not
easy to cope up with the pain na dinulot nya

October 10, Jervin Quizon send me a
message " Hi, can I ask you to ask your
husband to stay away from my wife"?

I dont know him and Abegael admitted He
know his wife Christine Campanilla Sabado
and they were working together before,

I pretended again that I don't have any
relationship with Abegael to get

Jervin Quizon Replied " Any Secret comes
out in time"

Jervin Quizon - sent (Feb 2018) me a
message and I am thinking of meeting him,
but when we are now staying with my
parents to see him I find out He is dead,
commited suicide - march 2018

He promise that we will have a peaceful
life when we transfer to qc and will
cope up with me and Neo, October 28 we
relocate to QC

The share that we had regarding financial
was 70% from me and 30% from him, 16800
is the monthly rent and we pay 2mos adv 1
mo dep total of 50400

I paid most of the furnitures using my
credit card

Nov 2017- we are just okay

December he insist that my family stay
and have vacation, the situation is just
okay but I am the one who spend on
everything, He did not show me he's 13th
month pay and even his salary, because he
got dissapointed we did not able to buy a
car he treated me bad again, did not give
me money, he will talk to me whenever he just feel like it, never share his finances
and that brought me to depression again

Feb - there are episodes that I wanted
to die para makaganti sa lahat ng pain na
naranasan ko of what he has done para pag
nawala ako pagsisisihan nya habang buhay
- I was depressed, it's not easy to trust
him again for just a couple of months but
He is insisting that I need to cope up on
his pace and not mine which is impossile
he should be the one who will excert
extra effort to gain my trust and rebuild
our relationship because he is the one at
fault why this marriage was broken

March 2, the pain and depression I am
encountering was severe, I wanted to
leave, I wanted to be free of the pain
and I left the house and my son was
alone, however I know my husband is just
near and he will attend to my son asap

I left the house and I am not thinking
straight because of my depression I even
wanted to commit accident for me to die,
the next morning I go home and wanted to
get neo and we will just go home to my
parents because I cannot stand to live
with him, He dont want to give neo to me
and kiked me, struck me and got bruises
on different part of my body.

March 4 we go to psychiatrist and was
diagnose with clinical depression however because he is present while the doctor is talking to me I cant tell the doctor na lumala depression ko because on how he treated me ang nasabi ko lang ay ung pagkamatay ng kakambal ng anak, when
we got home what he did was he talk to me
and said we no longer have any
relationship, instead of caring and
telling me that we can overcome this
situation he said that I no longer have
the rights to ask him anything between us

I did pray and ask God to overcome my
depression because my son needs me, I did
not bother him, we gave enough space for
him not getting angry specially to my
son. I am in pain whenever he hit my son
and our neighbors almost wanted to ask
bantay bata to check on us, everytime my
son commit a little mistake he is always
angry and hit him, I cant do anything
because he also threatened me na hwag makielam sa pagdidisiplina nya sa anak namin, I just cried and cannot do anything

March 11, he said he will leave us and I
needed to decide where we will stay, I
don't know what to think and decide
because I know I cannot do this alone

March 24 he said that within a week or 2
weeks he will leave us and we need to
decide I am not aware that he is
searching for his own place and Me and my
son don't have any place to stay, I am
insisting to ask for counseling from our
parents or for those couple that we know
are experienced, He reiterate that it
is his will not God's will be done, he
doesnt believe in counseling or marriange
as well as covenant, that night I cried
because I don't know where we will stay
and he just gave up which is suppose to
be if he is not doing anything against
our marriage he should be pursuing on
keeping our family and try hard to gain
my trust again and help me overcome my
depression, I decided to call my parents
and ask them to fetch us because I don't
want to be alone anymore and I cannot do
it on my own.

Ang main focus ko po ay maibigay ung sustento nararapat sa anak ko, however pag po nagfile ako ng ra 9262 ano pong pros and cons and may posibilidad na magdedeny sya at sabihin na nadepress ako dahil sa pagkamatay ng anak ko instead dahil sa pangangaliwa nya at hindi pagtrato saakin ng tama?

I hope meron pong mag advise para makapag file ako ng case asap

Salamat po

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