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Workplace Bullying or Privacy Issues

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1 Workplace Bullying or Privacy Issues on Fri Jun 08, 2018 9:24 am


Arresto Menor
Hello, can you help my sister she has a problem with a superior or executive leader (boss) one of her superior keep on nagging her. My sister works in the government but before she worked with the goverent she has business of her own, was able to invest already, is short she made her way to establish what she had in properties and financially. One among her superiors keep on nagging her about her SALN, earlier on my sister thought that it is simply a joke. Calling her aloud telling her that hey "ms john doe" you better check your SALN, you are declaring too low on your SALN, then it happened for several times, my sister applied some strategy so that this man will stop, ignoring him, not responding on his verbal nuisance but to no avail. Later even during Flag Raising Ceremony heared by the entire group of audience and for several times during meeting and conferences that such is far from the topics or agenda being discussed. Yes my sister is aware that SALN is a public document and it is open to the public for the purpose of transparency, but he can advise or talked at one time to my sister or rather give directive not in such a way that everybody hears it, very informal and it is somewhat offensive. Not in an appropriate manner and proper venue; such is somewhat a form of verbal abuse, psychological torture  or a workplace bullying. What can be a law that his superior might be violating, thus he violates somebody's rights, thus this man encroaches my sister's privacy, or this has something to do with an inkling of a future offense because this man has a history of sexual harassment (have had a case). Please help us what are the laws that he is violating, what can be the possible remedies, or approach that my sister can do....In advance thank you very much, looking forward for your prompts response. Author221

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2 Re: Workplace Bullying or Privacy Issues on Fri Jun 08, 2018 11:26 am


Reclusion Perpetua
talk to the department head about it.

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3 Re: Workplace Bullying or Privacy Issues on Fri Jun 08, 2018 9:16 pm


first she must gather her evidences to prove that he actually did these things. she can write a complaint to her superiors or file a complaint at the civil service commission

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4 Re: Workplace Bullying or Privacy Issues on Sat Jun 09, 2018 8:33 am


Arresto Menor
Thank you for the response, in doing so talking aloud in front of so many people or group of people like during Flag Raising, Meetings, and Conferences discussing what is the contents of her SALN. It annoys her, it is offensive, encroaches her privacy, and embassing. What are the possible violations or what particular law that her superior is violating. What can be her reference? What omissions is he committing? Thank you...

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