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Transfer Legal Custody of the Children to the Deceased Husband's Parents

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Arresto Menor

My sister is widowed for almost 2 years now. Her and deceased husband have 2 girls (9 and 6 years old) and has been under the care of their mother however my sister is irresponsible, selfish, negligent, and only takes care of her needs and wants. After her husband's passing, she started to have a boyfriend 5 months later in the suppose to be grieving time. My sister and her boyfriend moved in immediately in one roof. My sister got good amount of money from her husband's insurance and is also receiving monthly pensions to cover their daughter's education and living expenses but instead they rented out a condo and live life as if there's no tomorrow. Drinkining, smoking, buying expensive his and hers shoes for collection, watches, cars, vacation here and there, bought a house then sell it again when my sister realized she don't want to live there. Their condo was always full of people hanging out and drinking/smoking, playing video games, vacation galore not just with her boyfriend and the girls but with some friends and family member of her boyfriend including the mother of the boyfriend. They had few businesses that they started but didn't work. In other words everything start falling apart and the money that was spend poorly caused their lives to fall apart. Her boyfriend talked to me and told me that my sister is seeing another man to a point where she left him for 3 weeks just right after the school year started, they where nowhere to be found, she's only messaging the boyfriend when she needs money and she was constantly lying by saying that they're staying at a friend's house and all 3 of them only have 3 set of clothings that they've been rotating as days passed. My nieces missed 3 weeks of school and they went back with nothing. No school supplies, no books, and the place they're staying at right now is so small, you can barely walk around because all of their stuffs are scattered everywhere. The only separation they have from sleeping is a curtain. They don't even have a sofa, no dining table. As soon as you step inside, you look to the left there's the bed, to the right is a tiny bathroom, in front of you is the sink plus their mess so yeah, just imagining it make me cringe. What my sister is doing to my nieces are straight up incorrect. Her husband left a good amount of money to support their children's cost of living and education until they finished college. Their father is only gone for 2 years and as you can see their mother burned that money for that short amount of time. I am so disgusted, upset, and disappointed for what she did. She spend the money that was suppose to be for the kids education until college! And now she enrolled them at a public school, didn't buy any school supplies, and didn't care if they miss that many school days or even a school year just to satisfy her desire to be with her new man aside from the current boyfriend she have. That is just wrong. She is setting a bad example to her girls and she's damaging them emotionally, mentally, socially, and spiritually. They're exposed to different men and women in their life and poor kids, they are completely lost to what a family truly means to them. And sadly my sister is not allowing the kids to communicate or see their father's family in Aklan. Their father's family have been in contact with me checking constantly how are the kids doing, are they safe, are they loved and taken care of the way they're supposed to. The only time I can response to them is when my sister's boyfriend respond to me thru Facebook chat and confirm that the girls are fine, happy, and safe.

With the above statement, I want to know if there's a way that my niece's grandparent's have the legal custody of the kids knowing what my sister did. Aside from spending everything that her deceased husband left for them, she have not cared for them. They were even disciplined in a form of hitting them including the boyfriend. Two weeks ago, my niece's grandmother and aunt flew to Manila to find the girls and to see for themselves that they are fine. After my sister's hiding spree for 3 weeks, she finally showed up with the girls and their grandma and aunt have been visiting them at the public school with the knowledge of the school principal. They told the principal the current situation that's why the kids were allowed to go to school even if they missed 3 weeks already.

I am here in US and being this far isn't easy. I want to help and do something. Save my nieces from their evil mother but all I can think of is for my deceased brother-in-law's parents to file against my sister so they can have full legal custody of the 2 girls. My sister is an experienced liar, she like to show off anything she have in terms of material things, she's jumping from one man to another, and negligent. She only think of herself.

I am looking forward for a response from you so we can act on this situation as soon as possible. My sister's boyfriend just messaged me and told me that my sister is telling him that they will leave again and will not come back. For me that's a huge threat. We have to save the kids as early as we can.

Thank you.

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The legal remedy is for the grandparents to file a court petition for custody, but it will be a seriously difficult goal. You have to convince the court that the mother is unfit with proper evidence

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