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....brainwashed girl wants an annulment

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1 ....brainwashed girl wants an annulment on Fri Apr 22, 2011 8:51 pm


Arresto Menor
gud pm sir..i just want to tell u my story..atleast for an advice..we have a relationship of 3mos b4 the marriage..i'm newly turned 22 at dat tym and he's 26..b4 in d relationship as bf and gf he told me dat if diff stories like he's father will take them all abroad and maybe there might be no chance for our relationship and the only way is for us to get married..dat for all i knw now he's just making stories,,b4 he promise he will find a job for us,,he said his mother is strict to him,,maybe they will oppose our relationship and so much so forth.then the tym comes he ask me to meet him in sm manila,i'll bring me birth cert lyk dat..i don;t know why but i bought it anyway,,den me met.and he bought a ring but still i thought it's just nothing.den we went to the manila city hall and he ask some witness den d judge is der,asking for my sign den dat was it!i don't knw.he said dat;s a secret marriage so his parents will not oppose anymore.den he said he's going abroad for us but it's not happenning.den d tym comes dat we need to tell my parents.he promised abroad still.but nothing my surprise i end up ending living with his parents.who's so good enough for his accuses.he brainwashed me.we live there he has no job and end up ending depending on his family.1yr we live together den i apply for abroad coz he doesnt have a decent job..i met a man and was get pregnant,until now our relationship last,.now my son is going 3yrs old.i wnt to file an annulment,i didnt have the tym to talk to him yet.he's still with his parents.he's more of a mama's boy.bcoz b4 i triedto talk to him he,threatened me he'll file me can he be dat bad?for in the first place he tell lies to me..he takes advantage of me..b4 he's telling me stories dt he had two personalities he's hearing voices lyk dat.he sais he is seeing ghost and seeing demons..1yr a stayed in their house there's a tym dat he physical abused me..he's getting into blackout and i think can kill a happened with his ex he's d one who told me dat he beat it up to d point dat he doesnt knw what's he's doing to d girl,his uncle stop him.i knw the girl and i knw i can talk to her for a witness,also with his brother he's beating a person to d point dat someone has to stop him..i don't want to end up lyk dat.we've been fighting b4 i said i will leave him but he threatened to kill me parents doesn't knw about dis,but ders' a tym b4 dat dey so bruises or pasa,i don't want to admit bcoz i feel guilty coz i made a d first place they didn't like him at 5yrs we've been separated,,i'm here abroad and coming home nxt month and want to start my life with my son and my really love one.i get pregnant here in abroad,we are together here and my son is with my parents.pls can u help me atleast a piece of advice?i'm planning to talk to his sister ot brother coz i'm afraid to him he's like lunatic,.he's family was so good to me.only i think he has d problem.i hurt their brother in d first place but i knw i can talk to them and they'll understand me..i hope u can give me a piece of advice

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2 Re: ....brainwashed girl wants an annulment on Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:27 pm


Prision Correccional
Thanks for taking the time to tell us your story. It's a lot more clearer now.

My advice to you is to check first whether your marriage is registered. If the marriage is recorded with the NSO, then you have to file a petition to declare your marriage null and void.

Base on the facts you've given us, the following grounds are available.
1. Lack of marriage license.
2. No ceremony(if what happened was merely the signing of the marriage contract. if you didn't exchange vows at all, and it was not clear to you that you are getting married. This may not be strong but you can raise it nonetheless.)
3. Psychological incapacity.

1 and 2 are strong grounds to annul your marriage if you can prove them.

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3 ....brainwashed girl wants an annulment on Fri Apr 22, 2011 11:04 pm


Arresto Menor
sir i've checked it was registered,and it was registered in san juan..we made it in manila city was written there..and i'm just wondering also bcoz is place of residence der is in san juan r.pascual and san mateo rizal?though he's only living in san mateo rizal and i can prove it.none of his family is residing der,i think they cheated,or he cheated it it..

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