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Accused of Falsification of Documents

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1 Accused of Falsification of Documents on Thu Jun 02, 2011 6:36 pm


Arresto Menor
An RN has been accused of falsifying documents in this case a personalized prescription pad of a doctor, which was not used anymore, it was just lying there. An old pad. The nurse claimed she did NOT falsified anything. I believe her. She was simply and admittedly-stupidly jokingly making a phony prescription for a friend as a prank--playing doctor. She used the personalized prescription of this doctor because it was conveniently placed near her (and I believe if there was a generic pad [meaning no name of the doctor at the top, the one that drug-representatives gives to practically anyone] she would have used it and this might not have happened? Unfortunately this was not the case).

What she wrote was comically a combination of drugs, a combination that does not exist at all (but individually this medication exists) and added humorously cocaine to it at the end and continued saying to sniff this 3x a day to relieve stress.. (should anyone be foolish enough that anyone who may have found this (however improbable) to use this prescription, NO pharmacist/nurse/doctor would ever accept this prescription to be legal.) To add, the individual drug used above is real but will still require a special kind of licensed prescription which in this case was not used. Fortunately, this prank prescription was never seen by the doctor who owned the pad. No harm there. This could be easily avoided if it was thrown away in the trash, to which it was. Unfortunately the supervisor who accidentally found it (i don't know how) decided to make something out of it, investigated it, traced the source, the nurse mentioned above, who was the one who started it all and escalated it by accusing her of "falsification/perjuring/tampering of official or legal documents".

They're deciding to suspend her without pay or worse fire her from her work-place. She has never falsified documents nor did have the intent to do so. She was not lying, nor copying, forging a real document. Did not physically harmed anyone during the process of this "comical crime" nor used the prescription in any manner to pass it as a legal/real prescription from or under the doctor's good name nor the intent of destroying the reputation of the physician. Nor used the prescription to gain or access illegal or regulated drugs for herself or to be used of whatever means. Although the prescription pad is real but what was written is not. It's just a stupid joke. Funny or not funny. It's a prank. Does she deserved to be accused so? Are the ramifications of her action/s justified? I think she's guilty of wasting paper. Nothing more.

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2 Re: Accused of Falsification of Documents on Thu Jun 02, 2011 10:35 pm


what is the nature of your work? you work in a clinic/hospital? why do you have access to that pad? How did the supervisor find it?

if from the prescription, it is obvious like a joke, then it is arguable that a suspension is too harsh. the remedy would be to file a complaint at nlrc to question the suspension as illegal.

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