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What's it called and can anything be done about it?

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Arresto Menor
I'm currently stressing out over something that I hope can be answered easily. Smile

My ex-gf is pregnant with my kid. WE found out she was pregnant around November of last year. We talked when we found out and agreed that I'd acknowledge the child and if she needs anything for him, she just needs to approach me.

Early this year, almost all communications between us was over. We work in the same company (different departments) so I know she comes to work and she knows where to find me easily.

Now, I found out from someone who I just met last week that there's a BLOG detailing my entire relationship with her, including several bits of information that should not have been mentioned.

Basically, I met someone who within 10 hours of my meeting, knows EVERYTHING about my life for the past few years without my ever mentioning anything about the subject.

I've asked my ex to take down the blog and, failing that, remove my name and any links from it. She has bluntly refused. She has also threatened me with a case, stating "negligence" for the child.

I tried looking around and found this as the only respite for me:

We have no specific invasion of privacy laws but the civil code has a provision regarding this matter

Art. 26 NCC. Every person shall respect the dignity, personality, privacy and peace of mind of his neighbors and other persons. The following and similar acts which, though they may not constitute a criminal offense, shall produce a
cause of action for damages, prevention, and other relief:

1. Prying into the privacy of anothers residence;
2. Meddling with or disturbing the private life or family relations of another;
3. Intriguing to cause another to be alienated from friends;
4. Vexing or humiliating another on account of his religious beliefs, lowly
station in life, place of birth, physical defect, or other personal condition

Can anything else be done? Do I have any other alternatives?

Thanks for any and all advice you can give.

With regards to child support when the kid comes out, I have no problems with supporting it. The only thing I want is the blog and any information in it taken down and no longer be posted for public view. I do not appreciate having a complete stranger know everything about me without my consent.

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