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Simulated Birth Certificate and "Kabit na Lalaki"

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Arresto Menor
1. My mother and father adopted a baby girl 25 years ago but was not legally adopted. My parents made a simulated birth certificate so she can be enrolled in school. My father died last Feb. 6, 2011 and after 3 months my mother died last May 6, 2011 my father was 68 when he died and my mother was 62. My so called adopted sister wants to have an equal share on all the properties my parents left. What actions can I file in court so that she can not claim any share on my parents properties? How much will it cost to file in court?

2. My mother and father separated last 1998 but not legally and their marriage was not annulled because they did not file it in court. My mother have a "kabit" or a lover before my parents got separated. After my mother died the "kabit" showed me a marriage certificate dated 2004 but it was not from the NSO. I went to the NSO to get a copy of my parents record of marriage and there was a record from April 3, 1971 I also checked if there was a record of my mother's and the "kabit" but there was no record in the NSO. The landowner whom my mother bought our house told me that the "kabit" should have a share in our house because he was the legal husband of my mother because my father died before my mother and before my mother died she talked to her and my mother told her to put the land title on my mother's name and the "kabit". The land where our house is on only have rights and no land title yet. The "kabit" was living in our house and sharing the same room with my mother before my mother died. What actions can I file in court against my mother's "kabit" and the landowner because she is threatening me that if I continue to "harass" the "kabit" she will put the land title on the name of the "kabit"? How much will it cost to file in court?

I have a 3 year old daughter and an 8 months old twin baby boys, I don't earn much and I don't know if I have the financial capacities to file such legal actions in court that's why I want to know how much will it cost to file these legal actions in court.

Please help me. I really need your help and assistance. Thanks in advance and God Bless!!

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Prision Correccional
I suggest that you file a judicial settlement of your parents' estate, since both are now dead. File it as the sole compulsory heir if you don't have any siblings. If they make a claim on the estate of your parents use your defenses. As against your so called adopted sister, that she is not a child of your parents. As against the kabit, that his marriage to your mom is null and void.

You can file an ejectment against the kabit to compel him to leave the house. A mandatory injunction may also lie against the lot seller. if you cannot afford it, try to visit the PAO or the local IBP. Perhaps they can help you.

PS. I do hope you'll share something with your "adopted" sister. If your parents loved her and she loves your family back, she deserves to have something.

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Arresto Menor
lOst_StuDent wrote:PS. I do hope you'll share something with your "adopted" sister. If your parents loved her and she loves your family back, she deserves to have something.

I love my "adopted" sister (I WAS an only child from my mother but after my father died I came in contact with my older half-brother and half-twin sisters. I'm the one who asked my parents to have a brother or a sister but mother could not bare another child because of her work from sewing dresses for religious saints statues.) but she never treated me or my parents as her own brother and parents after she was informed by my mother's relatives that she was adopted . She was impregnated at an early age of 16. I really wanted to share my parents properties to her equally but after she connive with my mother's "kabit" by enrolling my other adopted child sister to school and using the surname of the "kabit" and spreading bad words about me and my wife to our neighbors I have second thoughts on sharing equally my parents properties. My younger adopted sister (9 years old at this time) was the child of my mother's cousin who died of diabetes, she was not legally adopted also and she has no birth certificate from my mother and the "kabit". My younger adopted child sister have an older brother in the province where my auntie (the sister of my mother's cousin) lives. I don't want her to lose her identity that's why I asked her relatives for her birth certificate and they promise to look for it, but up to now they are still searching for it in the hospital where she was born.

Thank you lOst_StuDent for your reply.
God Bless.

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