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Confused Dad

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1 Confused Dad on Wed Jul 27, 2011 3:46 am


Arresto Menor
Good Morning Sir,

I have few question regarding my rights and by law how can I be eligible for it, we are not married but I sign the BC when she gave birth and my daughter uses my last name. I have a 7 yr old kid whos currently with her mom as agreed by both of us thru civil agreement. I give financial support to the best of my ability and provided her a draft of all my daily expenses house rent, utility bills, daily allowance, credit card obligations etc. to prove to her that what I am giving is the only amount I cant afford as of the moment. However, it came to my knowledge that she plans of sending me a demand letter to increase my monthly support for my child. I may not be able to afford that since I stretched all my finacials and I am afraid that she might hide or hinder me from seeing my daughter if I dont grant her request. I am earning 40T a month as compared to her 6 digit basic salary meaning she can provide better than I am. For the record I am not denying my responsibilities as a father but financialy speaking what I am earning now is far comaparable to her. Each week I pick up my daughter and stays with me overnight. I also heard that they might settle abroad and bring my daughter with her which I am so afraid of happening real soon. My take on that is she might not be able to play her roll as a mother since they dont have relatives there and definitely my daughter will end up being looked after by a contractual nanny since she will be working there as well. My fear is that my kid is still young and someone not related to her might compromise her growth development mentaly and physicaly. I would like to seek for your professional advice and take on this situation. Here are some questions I have and I hope you can put some clarity.

1. How can I dispute and counter her demand to increase my financial support and by law is there a fixed amount basing it on my monthly salary like what they do in US? and if she tried hiding my daughter and not allow me to see her just because I declined her request what can I do?

2. If she tried taking my daughter abroad and not seek my approval what can I do? is there a way I can put a stop on it being the father?

3. If I recieve a demand letter regarding my financial suppot to be increased what step should I do? should I go ahead and look for my own attorney?

4. I am not that financialy stable and seeking for legal help would cost me and might not be able to defend or practice my rights over my kid. Is there any institution that can accommodate a person like me that cant afford a lawyer?

I really appreciate bumping into this website and I believe that a lot of grey areas on our local law has been answered. thank you very much.

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2 Re: Confused Dad on Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:04 pm


1. what you should do is continue giving support no matter how much, and retaining proof of your remittance. you can file a petition in court for enforcement of your visitation rights

2. you can try to file a petition for custody and ask the court that a hold departure order be issued. your petition may not prosper, but she might be made to stay here during the pendency of the case.

3. you can answer it yourself. provide your breakdown of expenses again.

4. with a salary of 40k, you should be able to find a lawyer. i've represented clients with less earnings.

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3 Re: Confused Dad on Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:46 am


Arresto Menor
Attorney, I really appreciate your patience and warm advices. Now I feel more complacent with the situation. I would like to thank you because you've enlighten me on some things I felt gloomy. Please PM me your contact details I might need your legal advices formaly soon.


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