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Illegal Detention, Kidnapping, Blotter, Libel etc.. sa isang magulong sitwasyon

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Arresto Menor
Please advise me, I seriously need help regarding our current issue. Crying or Very sad

Madyo mahaba so please bear with my story.

My boyfriend is 25 years old, with Cerebral Palsy, and currently taking up an IT course in college. We've been together for 1 and a half year and I mostly stay at their house to be with him. Lately, nagkaroon ng friction between me and his mom (and his brothers abroad) because of me staying overnight in their house. My boyfriend and I decided to just leave their house and find our own place soon. So last Friday, after a heated argument between my boyfriend and his mom, I picked my bf up from his house, and took him into my family's house before we checked in into a hotel.

That day, a facebook post from his brother accused me of kidnapping. He posted it on a closed group for his relatives. The exact post was "[my name] has kidnapped [my bf's name]". Of course, all of his relatives which are included in the group saw that post and most of them commented. They even said that my bf came with me because I threatened to break up if he doesn't leave his family. Aside from facebook, he also created a thread in a public online forum asking for my contact info, displaying my whole name,and posting that same accusation of threatening to break up. He even mentioned the issue about me sleeping in their house. We saw those post while we were checked in at a hotel.

Meanwhile, his mother has filed a blotter against me but I am not sure where and on what grounds because i currently rent an apartment somewhere in M.Manila while my parent's house is in the province. And I haven't spoken to his mother yet so I don't know what other steps she has done against me.

After we checked out from the hotel last Saturday afternoon, we spent the rest of the day on a friend's house before going home at around 11pm. Unfortunately, his parents are waiting at our house, so we did not have any choice but to face them. In front of my parents, his mother told me that she could've filed a case against me for kidnapping and illegal detention because I took their disabled son away. She also said that my boyfriend and I cannot get married without their consent because he is disabled and therefore cannot be considered an adult of legal marrying age. She also said that as the legal guardian of my boyfriend, they have all the right to decide for him.

My boyfriend came home with his parents that night, even if he really doesn't want to go with them. So now, he is hearing bad things about me from his mother in their house. He was even told by his mother that I couldn't get an NBI clearance anymore because she filed a blotter against me.

It's really a messy situation but here are some of the questions I want to get answered:

1. Can they really file a case against me for kidnapping and/or illegal detention in this situation when my bf willingly came with me and I just picked him up from his house?
2. Can I file a libel suit against his brother, who is not living in the Philippines and is no longer a Filipino Citizen? How about his other brother who commented on the post who also resides in another country but is still a Filipino citizen?
3. Is it true that we can't get married without parental consent even if he is already 25 because of his disability?
4. If my boyfriend wants to leave their house on his own, can his parents still force him to come back? Can they be charged of illegal detention if my bf doesn't want to stay with them anymore?
5. Can I still get an NBI Clearance even if there is a blotter under my name?

Hope you can help us out. I am also financially challenged so I can't really get a lawyer for my case, whereas, their family is well-to-do and government-connected so they can easily get a lawyer.

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can they charge you? yes. but as long as your bf can and is willing to say he came with you willingly, the case will not prosper.

blotter alone will not affect your nbi clearance.

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