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HELP PLS! Missing stocks/inventory, short in cash sales, AWOL now i am the one who have a labor case

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Arresto Menor
Hello everyone,

I am just a small business owner with two employees in one shop and in my other shop 1 staff. I have a capitalization of 100k.- 200k I am just selling diapers and detergents. My staff gets 6,500 a month free board and lodging food allowance, electricity, water etc. I had entrusted them the keys to the shop so they can be the one to open and close it. I have a cash register/POS so i can track down sales and stocks. Whatever is delivered is being received there and the sales being punched and return to suppliers have record as well as time records.
My question is when i did inventory i was surprised to find out that a lot of stocks are missing, and from having a clean slate of no cash missing from register my cashier started to be short from 300 to maximum of 1,500 a day. (not everday)
I found out that the two staff that are working there beacame sweethearts. And from staying at my shop customers told me they don't get receipts and at times the goods that they buy are not even my order cost meaning staff are selling it to them at cheaper cost with no receipt. The guards of the bldg told me they bring out stocks at night when they close. I hold a meeting with all employees after the inventory since when we do inventory staff from my other branch comes in to help us to count.I asked them what happened bec. I want to hear their explanation none of them would say a word. I asked them to write an explanation or text me if they are ashamed since its infront of everyone. I treat them as family so i am trying to understand. They texted me that they are sorry and that they are willing to pay the 100k missing plus the short in cash. And ask me not to inform the cops. I still have their text messages.
But i had filed a blotter at the bgy of said incident. Despite the fact that i lost trust i tried to kepp them and not dismissed since its hard to find employees again.I separated the two employees and transferred him to other branch. I now do inventory every week. from 100k missing it came to 300.00 and no short in cash register. And then i became busy again and have done inventory after a month and found out that there are missing stock since i dont stay at the shop again. And the new employee apeak out that he was being sent home earlier even if shop is still close. He also speak out in front of evryone that they are putting up a shop like mine which i didnt know. And that they are planning to leave but waiting for the right time. This time i really got mad and told them if i get to see stocks missing i will report it. I asked my staff to get a blotter copy in the bgy where i reported it to see I am not joking since they always go on my good side and when that happens i always forgive. Cause I always think of their kids relying on them. I asked them if it was true the guy that i transferred to the other branch admit that he said it. Again me being stupid, forgive and tried to understand, then next inventory my stocks were over. I dont know how it happened but still i am happy with that. But something feels not right cause the guy whom i transferred to my new branch had always cash missing and products missing prompting me to close the business in a month cause more loss. I put him as a runner instead. He just stay staff house doing anything and going here and there.Days go by and the runner is starting to be incompetent, at times we would asked him to go at the shop and he wont be there just to find out he is at the staff house watching tv despite the fact i asked him to do something. One day I asked him to go to my other branch where the sister of his gf is working to help restock. But i feel something is not right cause my other staff told me that the two left before 6am and went to the shop. So that they i went to the shop and to my surprise all stocks are on the floor and in disarray which looks like we are just about to open a new business. Something wrong happened. I did an un announced inventory and to my surprise stocks are missing. That prompted me to call cops and get them. My friend the chief told me i cant file anything cause nobody saw them taking things out. So he just told me to fire them. And i fire the sister of the cashier cause she was smiling while i am crying for what happened. I put the runner/guy in that branch after 5 days, i got a call from my staff saying he took some medicines for asthma and was having seizure. We went to the staff house to see for ourselves and asked what happened. They relayed it that he was in the other branch and asked his gf to buy medicine for his asthma, a condition he never had before, and the gf asked the other staff to buy it unknowingly she followed what she was asked. What confuses me is that he is more time to go and buy the medicine but asked for someone to buy it. He went home and that night he took it. But I have knowledge about asthma. aside from being a nurse my kids have a full blown asthma. He don't even know how to use inhaler which I brought for him to use. That night they asked my other staff in the staff house to go out at 12 midnight to look for medicine. When i got there he was eating and trying to fake a seizure. I told him to go home since I am scared he would do something more drastic in the staff house and at least somebody will be there to care for him though I know he was ok cause he walked fast after he left without him knowing I went out to look at him again. After that I went to the branch where i assigned him cause i don't have enough staff, I saw what that he had altered the time in the computer in an effort to do something bad. But what he didnt know its kept a record of everything. Although my sales got affected cause what they had sold will not be reflected in that day but it can still be deducted in the inventory. I fired his gf right there and there to stop all these. I still am waiting for the guy to come back cause i want to ask him what happened cause he is the one I trust here. He never came back. After that i texted him why he keeps changing time and he reason brown out. but brown out dont change time in the computer. Then I wanted to file a case and to my dismay all my files in the cabinet were gone, business permits, employees records, bank files, suppliers etc. Now i dont know where they live and other info. Days passed and recently i got a letter from DOLE saying he filed a case of illegal dismissal, overtime pay, backwages, regularization, atty's fee etc. I was surprised i cant file a case despite the fact i have these proofs yet he file that and he was the one who didnt come to work. I cant even get a lawyer since i dont have much funds. And btw, he also included my bf who is a foreigner who is just here to visit who is not even the owner of my business. Our laws are at times confusing...Yesterday a concerned security guard of a reputable bank came and told me and the cops that my former staff who filed the case have all my important documents and he is bragging about it. I was so happy about it. Cause my dilemma will end... there are people coming to my shop saying i am selling it and i am borrowing money when all the while I dont. And i had forgotten he is also an authorized person to transact with my bank and that day I called up my banks, blottered it at the cops station. With these foregoing incidents, is there a case that i can file? And what can he really do with my documents given he has my authorization? What proof can he give DOLE since we dont have contract and his claims are all false. I gave him a Motorbike which he havent paid and i was able to recover, I pay him 6,500, i have a record of their text messages that despite the fact i lost trust they still worked for me.... Where do I really stand from here?

I am sorry for a long data...But any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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