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harassment from a neighbor

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1 harassment from a neighbor on Mon Aug 15, 2011 12:13 pm


Arresto Menor
kindly give us some advice regarding our neighbor. I cannot say for sure but everybody tell us that our next door neighbor are "mentally not right". One such comment is from our barangay chairman himself when we presented ourselves (me and my husband) after this said neighbor filed numerous complaints repeatedly against us in our local barangay. The complaints ranges from loud tv, loud radio music, loud conversions and laughters inside our house, dogs barking etc. This neighbor - the mother, antagonize us by seeing every little detail that are wrong (or what they percieved that is wrong) and proceeded to shouting vendictives and cursing us -- which we ignore since we know that they are not "right mentally". Our building administrator and even the owners are ignoring the numerous and petty compliants that this neighbor lodges almost everyday to everyone (including us) in the building. What can I do about this? Sometimes the cursings is getting on my nerves. We are just at home in the evenings since my husband and I are both working and our two kids (both are in their teens) are attending school. Talking with them is out of the question. Quoting our barangay chairman "Talking with them can be a disaster since their world is not in our orbit". Please advise us.

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2 Re: harassment from a neighbor on Wed Aug 17, 2011 6:03 pm


the legal remedy is to file a complaint at the bgy lupon

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3 Re: harassment from a neighbor on Wed Aug 17, 2011 6:57 pm


Arresto Menor
You should file a formal complaint at your baranggay. The chairman will then summon both of you to appear before him for mediation. He would hear both sides and let you agree on something by yourselves. If amicable settlement could not be reached, he would form a group of arbiter. These arbiters would then summon you again for the second time but only to hear both sides then the arbiter would decide. This decision will be in the form of a written agreement signed by you and your neighbor, attested by the chairman, and as far as I know, also forwarded to the court. In both cases, you would be given a chance to object. Once the final agreement is out, the lupon (baranggay) I think has 6 months to enforce the agreement, otherwise, they would seek assistance from the courts.


Based on personal experience and research (read Local Government Code, Book III, Chapter 7, Katarungang Pambarangay).

Our neighbor filed a formal complaint against us because he does not like us playing billiards in our garage (because of the noise). As far as I can understand, small issues like this and yours would not make it to courts and they have to be settled right within the baranggay level.

I suggest you file a formal complaint, or perhaps gather evidences showing your neighbor while he's cursing you, and then maybe you can take this complaint to a higher level. Or maybe you should buy a gun (only for show off of course) just to scare them whenever they're cursing you =)

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4 Re: harassment from a neighbor on Wed Aug 17, 2011 7:08 pm


Arresto Menor
Yes, we do file formal charges in our Barangay. There is a written complaint in their logbook that states our complaints against our neighbor. But the Baranggay Chairman himself advises us against the meeting of the said neighbor since he foresee that there will be no amicable settlement that can be reached for the other party are "Mentally-not-right". Although he did explain to us the procedure of summoning both parties, the hearing, the passing of agreed settlement of both parties etc. We did see the chairman's point when he says that there is no use of talking with them. Maybe I can take videos while the neighbor is cursing us.

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