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Family in chaos..

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1 Family in chaos.. on Tue Aug 30, 2011 1:52 pm


Arresto Menor
This is quite a long story so please hang on...

My father has been talk of the town... No, make that our family has been talk of the town.

My mother has received info from different people how this girl has been seen going out of my parents room when my mother is away, how my father has been spending time with that girl's family helping them financially from sending the girl's siblings to school and giving them some form of livelihood. Once, my cousin actually heard my father talking on the phone about sending some money secretly to the girl's family. I had also been a recipient of messages from my father that was intended for the girl but he erroneously sent to me. He's not too careful that it's so easy to read messages from his phone's screen when I'm behind him.

But everytime he is confronted by it, his response is somewhat like my mother or anyone doesn't have any business with how he is spending his money. When he learns who is telling these things, he threatens them for libel or for just anything he can threaten a person with. A kasambahay was already fired because he was the one who seen the girl leave my parents' room. I, who had read text messages, was also harassed that everytime I see my father he asked me for the payment of the money I borrowed from him as if I won't pay and as if I'm behind my payments (I paid him in full even if it's not yet due). My other siblings didn't get asked to pay for their borrowed money. Tsk.

Now my father has relieved my mother from her job as his personal secretary and assistant. So she has no means of living. She has to ask money from my father for fare when she has to go visit us, or when she notices there's no food to be cooked for the day. She is so deprived now that we kids are thinking of letting her live with us but she is afraid that the other girl's family will take advantage of the situation of her being away but we just can't take it that she be staying there and treated that way. She has been through so much that we believe it is best to take her away.

What can she do? Or what can we kids do to help her?

I think talking to my father is hopeless. He seems to be a very different person now, even not caring that his family is disintegrating. We tried to confront him before and he promised he will talk to us but after that confrontation he always tries to avoid being alone with us in a room.

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2 Re: Family in chaos.. on Wed Aug 31, 2011 5:51 pm


it all depends on what your mother wants to do. if they are not living together, then a case of concubinage will not prosper. you can opt for a case of repetitive infidelity under ra 9262. what is most important is evidence.

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