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need an advice....

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1 need an advice.... on Sun Nov 27, 2011 2:56 pm


Arresto Menor
Good day! i am a seafarer and was married for 20 years.I have 3 kids and they are all in college.I have an affair w/ another woman which i love her so much.Our relationship is just a boyfriend-girlfriend.One day my wife found out my affair thru txt msgs.She confronted me and i admit it and turned out in a huge arguments.I left home and ran to my relatives.She (wife) start to post messages in facebook to ruin me.And she start to tell to our relatives, friends and neighbors about lies against me.I try to calm her and to talk in peace but she is hysterical.She try to search about the girl and she founds some picture of us and she found out the email and facebook account of the girl.she start sending threat messages to the girl but the girl dont answer anything, she keeps quiet.I try to fix our marriage but my wife pushes me away by telling everybody lies against me.My relatives try to help to fix it but she is ruining me.I dont know what really her intention coz she keeps telling that if i cant go back to her she will file a case against me but atty how can i get back to her if he ruin me already.even my kids she poisoned their mind againts me and she told my kids not to see me.As of now i am still here in the phils and dont have a work.I dont have nything even just a cents coz i gave them all my money.
from the beginning of our marriage we live in her parents house until now, I buy a house to move them out of my in laws coz i am ashamed to live in there but she refused to move.I respect her decision to avoid arguments.i buy another property and a car.but during that 20 yrs of marriage we have a lot of arguments and misunderstanding and a lot of time i try to escape away from her but bcoz of our children i closed my eyes to stay. and now our situation getting worse and one day her sister emailed me for all those (sumbat) like i was living in their house for free for 20 yrs, i disrespect their parents, i am not worth for their sister etc...
i admit all my mistakes but i feel that i lose all my dignity.. i dont want to go back anymore and i want it in legal, atty here is my questions...

1.Can my wife sue me?is the pictures w/ the girl a strong evidence?
2.i am a seaman and i am on vacation i dont have income during vacation, she is demanding a support immediately how can i handle it, i dont have anything coz i gave her all my money .I told her to sell one of our properties to support them but she refuse it..what can i do?
3. Can i have the right to file a separation of properties?
4.Do i have the right to file an annulment?what will be the ground?

thank you.. I am hoping for your response.. God bless!

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2 Re: need an advice.... on Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:13 pm


grounds for annulment here:

i recommend you make a letter to her stating why you are unable to provide support and add that she has all the access to your savings, if this is true. then promise to resume support once you are back at work.

providing support, house and car doesn't justify your behavior from a legal point of view. but if she does file a case, it seems she doesn't have much evidence.

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