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jealous mistress

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1 jealous mistress on Fri Dec 02, 2011 3:11 am

remember november

Arresto Menor
This is a famous line which i first heard from my professors in first year: That 'the law is a jealous mistress.'

It took me a while to really understand what this means. Maybe because, at first, law school life for me meant not to work after college, continue receiving an allowance, having fun at sorority fundraisers, beer, movies, joy rides, food trips and freely hanging out till the wee hours of the morning (in the guise of group study! haha m3 ).

But my happy-go-lucky days came to an end when reading assignments, recitations and exams rained like force majure. The days started to become shorter as i find myself racing through piles and piles of photocopies, books and papers. It, finally, dawned to me. This is what they have been saying! The law is a jealous mistress and, u can qoute me on this, her wrath cannot be underestimated!

Admittedly, I came to the point of breakdown. I felt like a prisoner longing for freedom. I wanted to bail out. So one Thursday morning, when 3 classes where lined up for recitations that day, i ripped off the subject syllabus from my wall, packed my clothes, took the first bus home, ranted and cried how law school is mercilessly eating my sanity.

Oddly enough, when i woke up the next morning, i thought of law school and itched coming back to its 'embrace'. So i pasted my syllabus back together, and rode the first bus back to Davao City. Right then and there, i have realized how much studying law have grown into me; that even how frustrated i get, i am still willing to stick to it at the end of the day. Isn't that just pure love or what? I love you

After that lucid interval, i came back to school which was still pretty much the same when i left it ( what can i expect after 2 days of absence, anyways?). I felt better, however, because of my realizations. I already know that I want what i am doing and i am driven to make it work.

Not very long after, i can already laugh off insulting criticisms from mean teachers (not in their faces, ok?)and sleep easy at night even after a nightmare exam. Sometimes, i get to see a 'well done' mark on my exam notebooks from the same dementors i hated before. So, I have accepted it as part of, if not my new, life and take each day as it comes.

Hello everyone. I believe i have made enough intoduction. Just remember November, an avid student of the law (i.e. a loyal follower of the jealous mistress). It will be a great pleasure to meet you all.Good day! Very Happy

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