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terminated without due process

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1 terminated without due process on Sat Dec 10, 2011 1:48 am


Arresto Menor
hi guys pls help me!!!Is this really illegal dismissal?
This incident happened last july around 9:00pm when the client barge in, in my call telling me that I already ask twice for the costumer's phone number he told me that "let me process the costumer's request". During the onset of my call I have already problem in my headset but I could still understand the costumer but when I receive the next few calls that's the time i have problem in understanding the costumer, that is why I asked for the costumer's phone number twice but I tried my best to understand the costumer since I cant easily logged out and change my station because my supervisor was on the meeting at that time. So he processed the costumers request after asking for the phone number and the service card pin he told me to further process it so I process the costumers request. After processing the costumer's request the client told me that he wants to talk with my supervisor so I put the costumers on hold and look for my supervisor unfortunately my supervisor was not in her station at that time so I ask some persons where could I find my supervisor, when I found my supervisor in a meeting I approached and told her that the client wants to talk to her so we went back to my station but we were shock that my avaya was already in the auto in mode My supervisor told me that he probably will call us back again. So I logged out and logged in again at different computer after 1 hour of call around 10:00pm the site director ,COO, Operations Manager and a Guard went to my station, our site director shouted at me to logged out so I was shocked so I looked to our COO supposed to ask what's this sir but before I open my mouth he shouted me also to logged out so I logged out. Why they didnt bother to deescalate it to my supervisor first before they fetch in my station, they escorted me the four of them in front of so many agents bringing me at the office which is supposed to be a private office but they brought me in the office where in most of the agents can see what is happening inside because the wall is transparent and still escorted by the guard inside the office. Site director asked me about the call when the client barge in so I explain what happened but she insist that I released the call "No ***** you release the call do you think we will never know? You release the call, in which I did not. She asked me also "who told you to do that *****? Your mother?But before I answer her question I told her that my name is ***** not ***** she shouted at me "I don't care who you are". She asked me if I can feed this 2000 agents when the client pull out the account and she also asked my supervisor if she can feed the agents and we told her no. She asked me also if I have call center experience I told her no and then she told me good enough for me because i might ruin the call center business. She asked me if how long am I in the office when she found out that I am in a probationary period she told the operations manager ''I want this agent to be terminated process the NTE" so they removed my I.D. and someone seen it from outside and happened to be the friend of my best friend so she told my best friend that you know what your best friend was terminated because I saw the guard taking off his I.D. She told the my supervisor to process my NTE at that time i didnt know what is NTE so I asked ***** what is NTE and she told me "I will terminate you!" So my supervisor process the NTE as we walked downstairs while the guard still escorted me together with my supervisor, my supervisor told me that if I could save you from termination I will save you but they already decided to terminate you she cant do anything about it anymore. I told my supervisor that, why is that so i wasnt able to explain yet, they already decided to terminate me? she told me that it is the client request so they cant do about it anymore. At the HR the guard still following me inside the HR office while i am writing my NTE, and he asked for a copy of my NTE but before that he asked me to write my address in a piece of paper.During the time when HR telling me why they should terminate me (the guard is still inside the HR office) she explain that I was caught releasing the call of the client i told her her that I didnt release the call and HR told me that, that's the report that came in, in her office, I signed the termination letter because of the fear of the presence of the guard and I want to clear my name before I leave the office. Imagine? they just based on the report not on the facts that they supposed to gather before they will terminate me. So I went out from the HR office going to baggage counter still escorted with guard until i step out at in the office.

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