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Cheating adulterous wife

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1 Cheating adulterous wife on Sun Dec 18, 2011 6:29 pm


Arresto Menor
We have been married 10 years, with one child. My wife was approached 18 months ago over the internet/facebook by an old classmate who said he had always cared for her and wanted her. We live in Dubai. I went home to the UK for a vacation to see family with our child and my wife went to Manila to see her family, or so I thought. She met up with her cyber lover and engaged in a physical affair. During the 6 weeks she was in the Philippines, she became pregnant with his child. (He is not married but has 3 children with his common law wife.) Upon her return to Dubai I discovered the affair and she admitted to it. I then found a way to find out her e-mail passwords and read her facebook,12 months of comments,her skype conversations and also the photo's that had been posted of their holiday romance.(The evidence is damming in its descriptive nature and I have an electronic copy of it all.) It also contains details of her pregnancy and the fact that my wife mis-carried the child.

My questions is as follows.
As we were married in the Philippines, my wife has now duel UK and Philippine nationality, I would like to protect my assets from my wife.(We have a house in Manila in joint names.)Do I have good grounds for charging my wife with adultery and if so, can I take sole possession of my daughter while the case goes to court? My wife continues to have contact with her lover over the internet. I now wish to get out of this marriage ASAP and bring my wife and her lover to justice. I also heard that I may have an opportunity to bring a civil action against her lover for the 'alienation of affection.' Additionally, can I claim the full ownership of the property. My wife has an additional property in her name and I have a property in the UK in my name. At present we are both back living together is Dubai. In reality, I am only with her for the sake of our child.

Your input is appreciated

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2 Re: Cheating adulterous wife on Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:25 pm


adultery occurs when a married woman has sexual intercourse with another man not her husband.

unless you can prove that she allowed to access her email, etc, - all those will be inadmissible because you violated her right to privacy of communication. pictures without context are also not convincing.

filing a case of adultery will not sever the marriage or give you greater property rights. if you have other proof, you can file a case of legal separation and the properties may be awarded to you.

while i do not recommend, i know of a story where the wife was in a similar situation and threatened the husband with making his indiscretion public, and she was able to get a lot concessions from him as to their properties.

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