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Statue of limitations for Libel, defamation or slander?

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Arresto Menor
If an incident happened a year ago, can they still be sued for defamation?

Can I sue someone for invading privacy if they hacked into my Facebook account and read my messages with intent to defame me?

Can I sue them for defamation if they publicized a post that intentionally defames me and sent out messages to other people as well.
Can I also sue for harassment if they constantly threaten me with a warrant of arrest with no cause?

Please help, need immediate assistance.

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Arresto Mayor
I am not an expert here but hope this helps....

I believe any suit for defamation at this point would be useless. The law prescribes a period of six months only for defamation. this is the exact article of the revised penal code which governs the prescriptive period for crimes

Article 90. Prescription of crime. - Crimes punishable by death, reclusion perpetua or reclusion temporal shall prescribe in twenty years.

Crimes punishable by other afflictive penalties shall prescribe in fifteen years.

Those punishable by a correctional penalty shall prescribe in ten years; with the exception of those punishable by arresto mayor, which shall prescribe in five years.

The crime of libel or other similar offenses shall prescribe in one year.

The crime of oral defamation and slander by deed shall prescribe in six months.

Light offenses prescribe in two months.

As for your second question, we cannot really say that the act is an invasion of your privacy. Facebook is open to the public irrespective of whether you are on line or offline. Any person who has access to facebook can still read your messages.

For the third question, i believe you can file charges for slander.
-just ask a lawyer about this in case you intend to file charges.

as for the last one, only a judge may issue a valid warrant of arrest. and i strongly believe that no judge in his right mind would issue a warrant of arrest without any basis at all.

-=[hope this helped even a little]=-

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Arresto Menor
Thank you for your reply.
Regarding the Facebook question, although Facebook is a social network. The messages that were not only read but copied and saved into their computer. The private messages and was not a public post.

Also I would like to know about harassment, how can I sue someone for that? The person whom I want to sue has been harassing me for 3 months now through the Internet. She publicly post lies about me, it would have not bothered me but she posted and sent messages to people that I had an abortion which is not true and can be backed up with evidence and witnesses. She not only told my friends but the family of my current partner. She also mentioned that a warrant for arrest was issued on me, which again cannot be true because she is half way across the globe and there is no grounds for my arrest. She sends me threatening messages and I truly believe she is mentally disturbed. The only issue about it is she is the gf of my brother and they have children together. She threatens to take away the children. And she claims I have been harassing her through my private conversations with my BF and my family, which she read on my Facebook when she hacked it. Again, they were private conversations, not posted for the public eyes.

Thanks so much for the reply, and just so you know, your advice certainly would help a lot.

In addition, the she started publicly posting defamatory statements about me only his month. And continues to do so, can I sue?

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Arresto Mayor

with regards the messages, well if these are those that came directly from your pc and was copied by someone else, that is considered as intruding into your privacy, you can sue them for damages based on that act.

in the case of the harassment they are doing, you may either file an injunction case or a criminal case of slander by deed. this also applies to the defamatory posts that she makes against you.

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Arresto Menor
What is the statute of limitation for falsifying the data on a passport application?

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Arresto Menor
sir pwede po ba akong kasuhan ng kumpanya ng libel slander or defamation kung nag post po ako ng private photo na ang mga nakatag at nkakakita lang e un mga taong may alam nun joke tungkol sa name nun kumpanya? hindi din po ako un gumawa o nag edit nun photo. ako lang po un nag upload. isa din po sa mga nakakakita un nag edit nun logo ng kumpanya. un logo po ng kumpanya at ginagamit na pangalan e hindi din po naka rehistro kasi po pinalitan lang po nila un ng hindi nagpapaammend ng kahit ano sa registration. libel/slander/defamation parin po ba ang kaso kapag un mga nakakita e nag contribute sa pagkaka bansag nun joke na pangalan na un chaka in private naman un post?

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