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Desperately Involved (Privacy Jeopardized)

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1 Desperately Involved (Privacy Jeopardized) on Fri Jan 13, 2012 3:11 am


Arresto Menor
I really dont know how i am going to classify this case of mine but since affected na po halos lahat ng aspect ng buhay ko including my relationship with my wife and kids, i decided to post this here.
Ito po ang problema ko:
the people living outside the vicinity of our house have been spying on me for quite some time now. At first i thought it was merely coincidence that they get to know such things that happen inside our home, but when these people started dishing out on the private things they are not supposed to know (like my private moments with my wife)I began to think that there must be something wrong. There were lots of times when i have even caught them feasting in their wicked gossip regarding myself and my ways inside my house which i choose not to be disclosed in public. I did not want to jump into conclusions right away so i conducted some experiments. One of those is: when i was all alone in the house, after making sure that there was no one else around, I spoke softly and made a very bad comment about my coworker. My only intent was to find out whether my hunch is correct or not. After two weeks or so, i got the cold shoulder from my coworker who even gave (indirectly)gave a hint of what i said about him when i was all alone in my house the past few weeks or so. I made other attempts to find out more of how this thing is going on but an only come up with the confirmation that they were indeed spying on me using audio-video equipment which they have somehow installed in our house.
Why would would they do such a thing? This is the common response I get when I try to convince my parents of what I have found out. They would not believe me.
Their motive has to be spelled out: I think it is Vengeance. Looking back, i guess I did something which really pissed them off. You see these neighbors of mine are cobradores and operators of the infamous Jueteng in our place. I personally detest any form of gambling especially this one. There was a time when jueteng was being abolished or so we thought it was, when the DILG was going after the operators and those involved. I myself wanted it gone. So I was one of those who usually texted 117 and tipped them off about our area being infested with illegal gamblers.
When my neighbors learned about what I have been doing, they hald this grudge against me. I didn't know it would come to this. But I know I have not done anything wrong.
So this is what they have been doing to me -Invading My Privacy! They have been nitpicking the details and of my speech and my movements particularly the ones which that would defame me from the rest of the people i am bound to interact with. To think that I am in that safety of my own home, this should not be happening.
Right now i am going through a lot of stress everyday, knowing that my every movement is being monitored by these people. Its such a pain to live like this.
i have tried looking for those cameras and audio recording/transmitting devices but i couldnt locate them. I need professional help!
WHAT SHOULD I DO? Is there anyone you could recommend that I could turn to?

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2 Re: Desperately Involved (Privacy Jeopardized) on Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:13 am


you think your house is bugged? have it looked at by professionals. you can inquire at detective and security agencies.

unfortunately, unless you can prove who actually installed it, you can't file any case against them.

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Reclusion Perpetua
expert in that field can detect the location of the receiver.

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